• Eliminates water intrusion
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by inhibiting mold and volatile toxins (Link to 60 Minutes "Indoor Air Quality" video)
  • Reduces risk of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) (Link to 60 Minutes "Indoor Air Quality" video)
  • Ideal for water protection of Fire Safety Access Elevator (FSAE)
  • Improves safety by minimizing need to enter pit
  • Complies with state codes by locating system outside of the pit (e.g. CA, MN)
  • Lowers operating costs
  • Reduces water related damage and wear of elevator components
  • Lowers elevator down time related to pit cleaning
  • Monitors presence of oil in pit for use in predicting need for preventative maintenance

Click here to download an overview sheet about the Fit Pit System. (210KB PDF)

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Health and safety are the primary reasons why a building owner should consider installing a Fit Pit System. Health and safety is improved on several levels:

  • Elevator Maintenance Personnel
  • Elevator Passengers
  • Building Occupants
  • Surrounding Area & Environment

The relationship between air quality and the presence of mold and toxins in buildings has been well documented.

By installing a Fit Pit System, a building owner can improve the health and safety of the building occupants and maintenance personnel. The Fit Pit Systems will help to reduce the liability associated with wet pits and mold.

Several states have recognized the need to locate water removal systems outside the elevator pit or hoistway and have written the requirements into the state codes. A couple examples are as follows:


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